Your Direct Route to
Ingredient Supply

Your Direct Route to
Ingredient Supply

Why Us

Established in 2017, Mainline Food, a fully owned subsidiary of Willows Ingredients, is a leader in sourcing and shipping premium raw ingredients for various sectors, operating globally with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Europe.

Enjoy the blend of the competitive pricing of direct Chinese sourcing with Europe’s unmatched customer service for Western companies. We offer you the best of both worlds. With teams operating across China and the EU, we ensure rapid response times and deep market insights, providing you with not just cost-effective solutions but also the confidence to grow and strengthen your supplier relationship.

leader in sourcing and shipping premium raw ingredients

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We offer an extensive range of raw ingredients for the food, healthcare, sports and animal nutrition industries.

Human Nutrition Ingredients

Human Nutrition

Premium Ingredients for
Human Health

Sports Nutrition Ingredients

Sports Nutrition

Optimal Performance

Animal Nutrition Ingredients

Animal Nutrition

Fortified Components for
Animal Well-being


Upholding BRC Agents & Brokers certification and FAMI-QS standards, we ensure top-tier quality and safety backed by a HACCP-based internal approval system.

Streamlined Global Shipping

Streamlined Global Shipping

With offices and warehouses in China and Europe, we offer efficient, split-load shipping options. Our multi-currency platform allows transactions in RMB, USD, EUR, and GBP, simplifying global trade. In addition, we handle customs clearance, on-site quality assurance, and cost efficiency.

Our Team and Operations

With a dedicated team based in China and expansive operational capabilities across Europe, we’re positioned to meet diverse global needs with precision and expertise.

Our Willows group team, with over 30 years of Vitamin & Dietary fortification expertise, has served top food, drink, and supplement manufacturers across Europe. We offer tailored advice and a vast array of premium Oils to Powders, ensuring top-market quality.


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